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How did we discover the $ecrets to long-term FAMILY travel?
As a family of 9, we have traveled to 33+ countries on 5 continents over the past 11 years.
As Seen On
Eleven years ago, we were living a 'normal' life. My husband had a teaching career, and we were committed for the long-haul -- until he was 65 and could retire. We bought a home in a small farming town, with a white picket fence, had 2  1/2 children and two dogs. Life was simple and good. 

My husband lived abroad in Peru before we married, and was fluent in Spanish, something we wanted to pass on to our kids. After the birth of our third child (2005), he had the chance to return to Peru for a humanitarian expedition as a youth leader (something he would end up doing more of in our 'second life'!).  
He jumped at the chance, and I remember feeling a little jealous as I stayed home with our three children under the age of three. I'd never traveled abroad, and it sounded exciting. 

But, I thought to myself, "I could never take small children to a developing country. That wouldn't be safe." (Ironically, 10 years later I would travel with my sixth child -- born in Costa Rica -- to Peru where she would celebrate her 1st birthday!)

But back up to 2006, I'm expecting our 4th baby, and my husband surprises me with a 'second honeymoon' to Cancun, Mexico.

We stay at an all-inclusive resort on the beach, but one day we leave the tourist trap and visit the 'real' Mexico. 
I'm shocked. And scared. And touched. And inspired. So much poverty and graffiti. So many unfinished buildings... but so much humility and love. 

Standing next to Mexican men and women, immersed in their world, I feel a kinship -- they are people, just like me, who laugh and love and cry and die. Mostly, I feel a burning, passionate desire to expose my children to something like this -- something outside their little corner of the world!!

When we return to the all-inclusive resort, I declare to my husband -- "Let's move to abroad!"

"Okay," he readily agrees.
Our 'First Rodeo'
Returning from our vacation, we immediately start making arrangements to go international. We choose Costa Rica, on a recommendation, and as a place to learn Spanish as a family.

In order to have a vehicle in-country, and to bring more belongings with us to our new long-term home (so we thought at the time -- we only lived there a year) we decide to drive from the US to Costa Rica!!! This is a crazy idea!

We'd never done anything like this, or had ever heard of anyone doing anyting like it!
This was in the days (barely) before Facebook groups and blogs. There is no one to reach out to for advice. Everyone we know thinks we are crazy! Their advice? Don't go!
Scared to death, we decide to go fo it anyway, even if there is a risk of theft, death or kidnapping (that was our thinking at the time -- we laugh at it now :)  But that's how commited we are to living this dream!

So after the birth of our fourth child, we load our SUV with four children (all under the age of four!!) and all their belongings, and set off into the unknown.

Reaching the Mexican border, we have so many butterflies in our stomach we can hardly breathe. Our hands are shaking and we feel queasy.

But then an amazing thing happens... we face our fears, cross into the unknown (Mexico) and realize... what were we so afraid of?

That was the beginning of our 'second life' -- the one where we faced fears and crossed borders, but not only international ones, but limiting beliefs that kept us from living a ridiculously awesome life!
Not Happily Everafter
Maybe you thought this would be where I write, "We lived happily everafter." Unfortunately (or fortunately), that's not the case. 

I skipped a part of our story above, the part where my husband quit his teaching job and started investing in stocks and real estate. 

Although leaving teaching was hard (it's his 'calling', something he was born to do and loves with all his heart) this switch helped us create an income that allowed us to move to Costa Rica. But he started this new career at the wrong time -- 2006 and 2007, leading up to the market crash in 2008.

After a year of living our dream life in Costa Rica (2007-08), the real estate and stock market tanked. We lost our income, and eventually most of our investments, and had to sell our stuff just to buy tickets back to the states, so my husband could find work. 

Borrowing money to get on our feet again, we'd had more than one person tell us, "Welcome back to reality." 

We were devestated, embarrassed and dejected. We'd gone off preaching, "Follow your heart! Live your dream! Don't stick with the status quo!" And now here we were, living in a small apartment while my husband worked as a waiter to provide for us. 

Even worse, we'd racked up lots of business debt and we were worse off financially than we'd ever been. Debt collectors were after us, but we had nothing left -- we'd reached bottom. It was humble pie.
Is 'Living the Dream' Even Possible?
Feeling especially depressed during this time, I remember waking up in the morning with a sense of dread, wishing I could stay asleep instead of face reality.

I'd felt so certain when we'd left for Costa Rica -- designing your dream life was possible! 

Now, after facing major defeat, I wasn't sure. In fact, I believed it was impossible. It went against 'reality' -- a life that sucked and then you died. 

And that's what we needed to do --  'suck it up' like the rest of the world, get a real job, and work toward retirement. That's what we're all supposed to do. Deal with it.

Luckily, I kept reading books, or who knows, I might still be stuck in suburbia with my limited, small-minded thinking!

One book in particular got to me. The author taught that living your dream WAS possible! Achieving the success you dream requires obeying certain principles. All you have to do is follow them, and success is certain! It was balm to my wounded soul.
Have You Ever Felt Like This?
Living in suburbia, we felt frustrated, unfilfilled, and tired of the 'humdrum' existence. But slowly, timidly, we started to dream again. 

We'd tasted the 'forbidden' fruit, and it was soooo good! That's what we really wanted -- a life abroad, with new and interesting experiences, different foods, and foreign languages -- not an 'okay' life where we acquiesced to the script that others said we had to follow. Have you ever felt like this?

We had a 'gypsy heart' and wanted to wander the globe! 
But how could we make it a reality for our family? How could we finance a lifestyle like that?
Trial and Error... And Asking Questions
We chose to start chasing our dreams... again. We chose to see our failure as fertilizer that would grow even bigger dreams.

But it wasn't easy. In the following years (2008 - 2013) we traveled to or lived in: 
- Dominican Republic
- Atlanta, Georgia
- Tamil Nadu, India
- Homer, Alaska
- Utah
- Mexico & most of Central America
- Guatemala
- Costa Rica (again)
We had sooo many great experiences! But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. We had plenty of 'downs' too, most of which were financial.

Trying lots of things, some of which worked, and some which didn't, we still hadn't figured out a long-term, sustainable income solution. 

More than once, we were down to our last dollar, wondering what we would do next, and how we would buy our next meal and feed our growing, nomadic family (that grew from four kids to five then six, and finally seven, but not until 2016, when we were in Germany by then!)

Determined that there were answers, and we would find them, we started asking ever other traveler or expat we met -- how do you fund long-term travel?
The answers they gave were so inspiring, creative and amazing -- they gave us insight and inspiration that led to the discovery of our own unique, sustainable income solutions -- solutions that have allowed us to continue traveling as a growing family, now to over 33 countries on five continents! (Most recently, we spent two amazing years in Europe!)
How  Did We Discover the $ecrets to Long-Term Travel?
Shhh... It's easy! By interviewing & asking long-term travelers their income secrets!
The secret to our success is easy! Instead of pushing aside our crazy dreams, and acquiescing to 'the way things are', we decided to TAKE ACTION and create a RIDICULOUSLY-AWESOME LIFE! 

Of course, we didn't know how to finance it long term. But we didn't let that stop us. Trial and error, and asking questions -- lots of them -- led us to finding answers.

But you're the lucky one! 

You don't have to make all the mistakes we made, spend your last dollar while living in a foreign country, or go it alone (like we did at the beginning).
When we first started traveling, we had NO idea how to fund long-term family travel. We were clueless! So we did interviews -- with other travelers and families we met on the road, living abroad and online -- and we recorded their answers!
Some of the questions we asked:
  • How have you been able to afford to travel permanently?
  •  How much does it cost to live in _________?
  •  How did you convince your boss to let you work remotely?
  •  What's the simplest, fastest way to start earning a location independent income? 
  •  What kind of work can I do abroad to earn an income?
  •  Do I have to work online or start an online business to earn an income to travel? (The answer is No!)
  •  How much does your family spend per month traveling full-time?
  •  Is it really cheaper for you to travel full-time than to live at home?
  •  Which are the cheapest countries in which to live? 
  •  What does it really take to travel more as a family?
  •  How can someone overcome the things that are holding them back from living the life they dream about living?
  •  And MANY more!!
30+ Interviews. 34 hours of inspiration, insight, and ANSWERS!
Michelle Dale -- Mother of 3, Lives in Egypt & Greece
The Marshall's got laid off from work -- it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to them. Within no time, they were living their location independent dream in Cozumel, Mexico.
Living paycheck-to-paycheck, the Jensen family saved up and then sold everything, allowing them to move to Guatemala in 2012 (they've been there every since!) 
The Miller family were on a gap year, biking Europe and Africa, when the 2008 economic collapse hit hard. They regrouped (in Africa) and created the income to turn their gap year into a lifetime pursuit.
Chris Palmer built an online business teaching others how to do something he loves to do -- virtual flying. This passion provided him the freedom to work from home and wherever else he wants.
"The interview you did with the Jensen's was really helpful and motivating. Our family watched it together and used their excel budget to make our own. We're all on board and working together to earn/save."
-  Debra M.
We Want to Help YOU 
Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever
Do you...
  • Dream of living life differently than the 'status quo', and are tired of pursuing the 'rat race'?
  • Feel you have a 'gypsy heart' and would love to wander the globe?
  •  Fantasize of an adventurous, meaningful life?
  •  Feel like your in a walking coma?
  •  Sometimes realize you're sleeping through life -- just existing, and not really LIVING!
  •  Get frustrated with your current circumstances?
  •  Feel unfulfilled with the work your doing and the daily grind that's 'not really living'?
  •  Get sick and tired of doing the same thing day after day?
Riding camels in the Moroccan Sahara, with our six-week-old baby (and 7th child).
"Anytime I am feeling discouraged or down, my wife says, "You need to go watch the Denning's videos." They always inspire me and remind me it IS possible to live the life I dream of living."
-  Friend from New Zealand
Are you...
  •  Unsure of what steps to take? 
  •  Afraid to get started and worried about failing? 
  •  Looking for someone who could answer your questions about the 'unknowns' of family travel, location independence, earning an income abroad or online, and other unconventional lifestyle choices.
  •  Searching for inspiration, motivation, and answers?
  •  Excited to be a part of a community of friends who understand & support your crazy dreams, and can help you make it happen?
  •  Ready to make 2018 a transformational year?
"We are grateful for both of you, Greg & Rachel. Of all the people I have known, Thomas Paine's quote, I think, fits you two the best.  "The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."

You are classidelic, bohemian erudites."
-  Dana E., Texas

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