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To Say THANKS...

We'd love to offer you a special discounted price (available only here) on our world-rocking, life-changing book and bonus videos -- save 35%!

What the Dennings have written WILL make you think, and some of that process will absolutely take you time to ponder.

You will find yourself asking the tough questions about your life - where you are, where you would like to be, and whether or not you are courageous enough to get there - and you may just find yourself inspired to make some major life changes. Their life changes focus on travel, and I hope mine will too - but the process they walk you through can apply to any major "life reboot", such as a change in career, deciding to have (more) children in the family, and so on.

- S. Watson


Greg and Rachel walk their talk and have actually done so many awesome things and so have been a real inspiration to me. They hold nothing back when it comes to sharing from personal experience - even the things that 'went wrong'. They also pull together quality information from others who have chosen to create extraordinary lives and this book will prove to you that living your dream is possible and show you how to get there. Disclaimer - I have to say that although I do not know them personally, I LOVE them and their work (from following their blog and youtube channel etc.), so I am hugely biased!!
But seriously, If you have read Tim Ferris, Seth Godin or Chris Guillebeau and dream of living life on your terms and being free to travel the world, then this book is definitely for you. Get it! You won't regret it! 

- Indika

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